Voici les quatre programmes USV sur lesquels Turkiye travaille

La présidence turque des industries de la défense (SSB) a publié une vidéo le 23 juillet 2022 montrant quatre navires de surface sans pilote (ULAQ, SALVO, SANCAR et un essaim USV composé d’Albatros et de MIR) sur lesquels travaillent des entreprises de défense turques.

The Turkish defence industry has made remarkable progress in recent decades and is increasingly able to develop indigenous systems not only for the Turkish Armed Forces but also to export to international customers.

Especially after the performance of the TB2 drones in the Russo-Ukrainian war, there’s a consensus about the success of Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles. Turkish companies have been working on unmanned surface vessels for some time to replicate the industry’s success in drones. There are four USV systems operational or at the test phase, and their variants for different areas of naval warfare are currently under development.