US forces controls 90% of Syrian oil

US forces controls 90% of Syrian oil
US soldiers stand at an oil field in the countryside of Al-Qahtaniyah town in Syria on 4 August 2020 [DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images]

US controls 90% of Syria oil

Syrian Oil Minister Bassam Toma’a has revealed that around 90 per cent of Syrian oil is under the control of US forces, Aram News Network reported on Friday.

« The Americans and their followers are acting like pirates as they are targeting the Syrian oil wealth and oil supplies, » the Syrian regime minister asserted.

The minister added: « There is a promising future for the oil industry in the [Syrian] waters. We need tranquillity and stable logistic circumstances. »

He stated that the total direct and indirect losses of the Syrian oil sector had exceeded $92 billion, noting that what happened in Syria has never previously occurred regarding the exploitation of wealth and supplies.

It is worth noting that the oil ministry of the Bashar Al-Assad regime has signed contracts with the Russian oil firm Capital to explore oil off Tartus governorate’s coasts with an area of 2,250 km2.