The National News : UAE’s 50 projects: Ministers set out ‘new era of prosperity and development’ by Georgia Tolley | Rory Reynolds

New measures include highly flexible ‘green visas’ and billions in investment to support the industrial sector

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The first of 50 new projects and initiatives to boost the UAE’s development has been unveiled at an event in Dubai.

The initiatives will be the cornerstone of growth as the country marks 50 years since unification.

At an event at Jumeirah Emirates Towers attended by Cabinet ministers and senior officials, the government set out a series of principles on which the projects are founded.

These include:

1) The major priority shall remain the strengthening of the union, its institutions, legislations, capacities and budgets. The urban, developmental and economic development of all parts of the country is the fastest and most effective way to consolidate the union of the UAE.

2) To completely focus, over the coming period, on building the best and most dynamic economy in the world. The economic development of the country is the supreme national interest, and all state institutions, of all sectors and across different federal and local levels, shall bear collectively the responsibility of building the best global economic environment and maintaining the gains achieved over the past 50 years.

3) The UAE’s foreign policy is a tool that aims to serve the higher national goals, the most important of which is the UAE’s economic interests. The goal of our political approach is to serve the economy. And the goal of the economy is to provide the best quality of life for the people of the UAE.

4) The main future driver for growth is human capital. Developing the educational system, attracting talents, retaining specialists and continuously building skills are what shall keep the UAE at the top.

5) Good-neighbourliness is the basis of stability. The geographical, social and cultural vicinity of the country is the first line of defence for its security, safety and its future development. Developing stable and positive political, economic and social relations with this vicinity is one of the most important priorities of the country’s foreign policy. READ MORE