THE NATIONAL NEWS : L’Egypte dépense des milliards pour préserver et promouvoir son patrimoine culturel, selon le ministre

The human-headed sphinxes along the 2700-metre-long "Rams Road" leading from the Temple of Luxor (background) to the Karnak Temple (unseen) further north, in Egypt's southern city of the same name. AFP

Le gouvernement prévoit de revitaliser une industrie touristique de plusieurs milliards de dollars après que Covid-19 a durement touché les revenus.

Egypt has spent billions of pounds opening new museums, restoring archaeological sites and putting on two spectacular parades in a bid to preserve and promote its cultural heritage, its tourism and antiquities minister has said.

“Even during Covid when we didn’t have tourists, I’m getting the full budget I’m asking for…I’m getting billions and billions of Egyptian pounds,” said Khaled El Enany at the American University in Cairo on Tuesday night. “We are paying like we never paid before to preserve our heritage.” LINK TO ARTICLE