THE NATIONAL NEWS : La dernière attaque des Houthis montre qu’il est urgent d’agir

A banner reading 'Yemen is strong and stable' in Tehran. Iran is backing the Houthis in the country's ongoing civil war. EPA

Les agressions contre le peuple yéménite et la région démontrent la menace d’un groupe terroriste.

There are many reasons behind Yemen’s difficult modern history. However, since the country’s civil war began in 2014, one factor stands out: the Houthis, a terrorist group that is ready to use any level of violence to hold Yemen hostage as it tries to take over the country.

Yemenis are their primary victims. Because of the Houthis prolonging fighting, made possible by support from Iran, around 21 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Eleven million are children. LINK TO ARTICLE