THE NATIONAL NEWS : Attirer les talents est une priorité absolue pour les EAU

The UAE encourages different working models, all a part of the nation’s efforts to create a flexible and competitive global work environment

Les Emirats cherchent à tirer parti de l’économie du savoir.

Like every government in the world, the UAE is adapting to an economic future in which the phrase “business as usual” will become increasingly obsolete. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun to usher in new methods of connection, production, consumption and value creation, with great speed and in ways that challenge the limits of what is possible.

This, though, is a landscape replete with opportunity. Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, nanotechnology, space exploration, 3D printing and quantum computing all have the potential to not just change the world but provide access to entirely new ones – real and virtual. LINK TO ARTICLE