The Cradle – Choc des christianismes : pourquoi l’Europe ne peut pas comprendre la Russie

Christianity, once again, at the heart of a civilizational battle - this time among Christians themselves. Photo Credit: The Cradle

Les Européens de l’Ouest voient les chrétiens orthodoxes et orientaux comme des satrapes et une bande de contrebandiers, tandis que les orthodoxes considèrent les croisés comme des usurpateurs barbares déterminés à conquérir le monde.

Under an ubiquitous, toxic atmosphere of cognitive dissonance drenched in Russophobia, it’s absolutely impossible to have a meaningful discussion on finer points of Russian history and culture across the NATO space – a phenomenon I’m experiencing back in Paris right now, fresh from a long stint in Istanbul.

At best, in a semblance of civilized dialogue, Russia is pigeonholed in the reductionist view of a threatening, irrational, ever-expanding empire – a way more wicked version of Ancient Rome, Achaemenid Persia, Ottoman Turkey or Mughal India. LINK TO ARTICLE