The Syrian Observer : Pourparlers syro-irakiens pour renforcer la coopération dans le tourisme et la culture

La Syrie et l’Irak pourraient échanger des troupes musicales et patrimoniales, des salons du livre, des arts plastiques, des représentations théâtrales et cinématographiques, selon SANA.

Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushawah, and Minister of Tourism, Muhammad Rami Martini, discussed with the Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Hasan Nazim, means of enhancing bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture and tourism.

Meeting at the Ministry of Culture building in Damascus, Minister Mushawah gave a detailed explanation of the efforts exerted to restore antiquities damaged as a result of the terrorist war on Syria and work to develop laws that protect and preserve the tangible and intangible heritage and benefit from the experiences of the two countries, particularly as they shared the calamities and barbaric terrorist attacks that targeted humans, stones, Civilization, thought and identity. (THE SYRIAN OBSERVER) LINK TO ARTICLE