Nexter : Nexter va fournir 8 canons d’artillerie 105 LG aux Forces armées du Sénégal

Le contrat de fourniture par Nexter aux Forces armées du Sénégal de 8 canons 105 LG et de munitions de 105 mm est entré en vigueur le 20 avril.

The 105LG is a 105mm towed artillery gun renowned for its reliability and unmatched lightness (1,650 kg). Its ability to be transported by any type of vehicle, aircraft, helicopter, and even parachute, ensures it is ideally mobile for troops operating in extreme climates and difficult terrain. The Senegalese army chose this gun because it perfectly meets the requirements of modern combat: thanks to its lightness and unrivalled rate of fire, it can be put into battery in less than 30 seconds by a crew of 5 gunners, firing 12 rounds per minute, and this, at a maximum range of 17 km thanks to Nexter Arrowtech’s ERG 3 105mm extended range ammunition. LINK TO ARTICLE