Ministère des Armées : Bilan des activités du Centre MICA en 2021 sur les menaces à la sécurité maritime mondiale.

Le vendredi 7 janvier 2022, le Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) publie son évaluation annuelle des menaces qui pèsent sur la sécurité maritime dans le monde.

Based on the contributions of a vast network of partners, each of them being experts in their areas of responsibility, this report provides an unprecedented analysis of the threats, documented with detailed statistics.

2021 saw a significant drop in the number of maritime piracy and robbery events, with a total of 317 events worldwide, compared to 375 in 2020, a drop of 15%.

This decrease is particularly significant in the Gulf of Guinea, with an exceptionally low number of incidents recorded in 2021, compared to the 115 events recorded in 2020. This sharp drop is seen as the result of a growing awareness among international and regional actors, who are now taking tangible action against maritime insecurity in the area, and working out an appropriate legal framework. LINK TO THE PRESS RELEASE   – BILAN_MICA_CENTER_2021_FR