MIDDLE EAST EYE : Guerre au Yémen : les champs pétrolifères de Shabwa sont devenus le nouveau champ de bataille

Pro-government fighters in a desert area southeast of Marib, on 6 December 2021 (Reuters)

Les combats ont presque cessé à Taiz et Hodeidah alors que la bataille se déplace vers les provinces riches en pétrole de Marib et Shabwa.

With its highly prized oil fields, the coastal province of Shabwa in Yemen’s south has moved centre-stage in the ongoing war in recent months.

The country’s third-biggest province has largely stayed out of the spotlight during the course of the conflict, as major battles raged elsewhere. But after a bitter dispute erupted in Shabwa between fighters backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and pro-government forces, the Houthi rebels made their move. Now, a counter-offensive has been launched to push them back.

“We fought on different fronts, but none are as important as this,” Abdulrahman al-Maini, a pro-government fighter, told Middle East Eye. LINK TO ARTICLE