MEE : Guerre russo-ukrainienne: les généraux des talk-shows turcs font basculer le public contre l’Otan

Retired Turkish generals and colonels blame Nato and the US rather than Russia for the war in Ukraine (Screengrab)

Les médias pro-gouvernementaux poussent un récit de l’invasion russe très différent de la position d’Ankara – et cela a un effet sur l’opinion publique.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine has split Turkish society, with mainstream media featuring retired generals and commentators who blame the war on Washington and Nato’s eastward expansion.

Turkey has continued to deliver armed drones and ammunition to Kyiv since the beginning of the war in February, and officially criticised Russia’s invasion as “illegal”.

Yet its largely government-aligned television stations have mostly featured Turkish nationalist pundits, who distrust Nato and the United States and believe Russia was provoked by western intelligence services into the war and is itself a victim. Around 61 percent of Turkish people consume news through televisions. LINK TO ARTICLE