Lors d’une réunion avec une délégation américaine à Abu Dhabi : Dahlan : L’option d’un seul État est la meilleure solution pour tester la démocratie israélienne devant le monde

Le chef du Mouvement des réformateurs démocrates au sein du Fatah (DRFM), Mohammad Dahlan, a passé en revue vendredi sa vision de la résolution du conflit palestino-israélien et les mécanismes à suivre pour réussir la solution à deux États à la lumière de la politique israélienne.

Dahlan made the remarks in a reception of an American delegation that included Robert Nicholson, head of the Philos Project, and a team of 20 participants in the project, including workers in U.S. federal governments, national security specialists, and graduate students, reporters, and human rights defenders.

“Implementing any agreement must include approval of the Palestinian, Israeli and American conditions,” he said, adding that “the absence of any of those approvals may cause an obstacle to the implementation of any agreement, especially the option of the two-state solution.”

He noted that “We should not be too optimistic about the two-state solution because there are many obstacles on the ground, which stand in the way of implement it.”

Dahlan also said that “there must be an Israeli leadership that believes in the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

He added that there has to be a Palestinian political system, a democratically elected leadership and constitutional institutions capable of decision-making, not an individual leadership and a fragmented Palestinian situation that does not have the ability to make fateful decisions in substantive issues.

Dahlan made it clear that the presence of a strong American administration that is able to put the two-state solution into practice may contribute to the success of the peace process and the continuation of the two-state solution as a strategic option.

During his meeting with the political delegation, Dahlan indicated that Israel’s continued behavior in destroying the two-state solution through its systematic steps on the ground and the absence of American pressure, the best solution is to move towards the « one-state » option that puts Israel’s democracy to the test, in establishing a single state for all its citizens equal in Rights and duties.

Dahlan warned against turning the political conflict into a religious conflict as a result of the continuation of the policy of Judaization and the incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that this would constitute a time bomb threatening everyone, and would have repercussions and negative effects on the Middle East and the world.

Dahlan recently presented to a political conference the one-state option as the best option to put an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.