Is Israel Slowly Building a Military Alliance in Persian Gulf?

Is Israel Slowly Building a Military Alliance in Persian Gulf?

Israel is following up expansion of its diplomatic presence in the Persian Gulf by promoting, according to a report from the Israeli television channel i24News, a “defense alliance” to include itself, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The would-be Arab members of the alliance appear wary of getting that deeply in bed with Israel, but the move puts into perspective the recent upgrading of relations between Israel and several Arab states.

Few developments have been as overly lauded as this upgrading, on which someone bestowed the august label “Abraham Accords,” as if harmony had suddenly broken out among adherents of the world’s monotheistic religions. Certainly, in general, it is better for all countries in a region to have full relations with all other countries in the region than not to have them, if only as assurance that people are talking to each other. But the main driver of the hosannas for the Israeli-Arab relationship upgrade is not any breakout of goodwill and peace. It is instead the strong desire of the Israeli government to demonstrate that continued festering of its conflict with the Palestinians and continued de facto annexation of Palestinian-inhabited territory will not condemn Israel to pariahdom.

Whatever the Israeli government desires significantly affects, of course, how any matter is treated in American political discourse. In the matter at hand, this connection was especially conspicuous during the Trump administration, which hyped the relationship upgrades not only to appeal to constituencies that follow the Israeli government’s lead but also to claim the upgrades as foreign policy “accomplishments” in a presidency with a scarcity of them.


Inondations en Libye : TotalEnergies mobilisée pour soutenir la population libyenne

Paris, 18 septembre 2023 – Suite aux inondations dévastatrices survenues en Libye la semaine dernière, TotalEnergies a répondu dès les premières heures de la tragédie à l’appel de la compagnie nationale libyenne National Oil Corporation et a mobilisé des moyens logistiques terrestres et aériens pour apporter une aide d'urgence pour les milliers de personnes affectées par la catastrophe dans la région de Derna, à l'est du pays.

A ce jour, TotalEnergies a expédié près de 50 tonnes de produits de première nécessité, notamment des fournitures médicales, des colis alimentaires dont de l’alimentation infantile, des kits d'hygiène, et des lampes solaires. Environ 50 tonnes additionnelles de produits de première nécessité seront envoyées au cours des prochains jours.

Cette opération est menée par une équipe dédiée de TotalEnergies, en coordination avec la National Oil Corporation et le Croissant Rouge, avec acheminement des produits par camion depuis Tripoli et par avion depuis Paris.