IFJ/EFJ welcome proposed EU directive strengthening authors’ contractual position

2494ec70-2568-4773-857c-ac3ff23d22b9Brussels, 14 September 2016. The European Commission today published a proposal for a directive on authors’ rights that would help give more power to journalists.  

1ef2a246-e229-4fee-853f-a3b05a58c044The proposal provides mechanisms to address authors’ and performers’ weaker contractual position when negotiating terms for use of their work.  

The federations welcomed the proposal as a “great step forward” in protecting journalists’ authors rights and called on EU institutions to do their utmost to improve authors’ remuneration in the upcoming legislative process. 

While acknowledging the “weaker contractual position” of authors and performers, the draft directive on copyright in the digital single market would establish 3 mechanisms to help secure a fairer remuneration for authors and performers LIRE LA SUITE

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