Husn Bait al Marah: A gateway to history

Husn Bait al Marah: A gateway to history
Photos by Maal Al Wahaibi

Forts and castles have always occupied a special place in Oman’s rich history. They have been used for military purposes in hundreds of years to protect the country from the enemies’ raids. Those skillfully designed buildings are now the destination of thousands of tourists who are interested to see the beauty and strength of Oman.

Bait Al Marah castle (Husn Bait al Marah) is one of the famous historical buildings in Oman and it’s the third-largest in the country. It is located in the wilayat of Yanqul in Al Dahirah Governorate where it is surrounded by the local’s farms and houses as well as the wilayat old market.

It was built more than 400 years ago. When the Nabhani tribe reigned the area, they built three more houses inside the castle, namely: Biat al Basra, Bait al Sharqi and Bait al Aod. Each house is built at a corner, and the four of these houses constituted a castle.

Adjacent to it is Sabilat Al Zama that has a very memorable place in the hearts of Yanqul’s people since ancient times.