Defense One : Requalifier les Houthis de terroristes by Mary BETH LONG and Emily MILLIKEN

Supporters of Yemen's Houthi rebel movement carry a mock rocket as they demonstrate in the capital Sanaa to denounce a reported air strike by the Saudi-led coalition on a prison in the country's rebel-held north on January 21, 2022. MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

L’administration Biden a fait une erreur. La stratégie de  « la diplomatie d’abord » a échoué au Yémen.

President Joe Biden last week said that after Houthi missile attacks on allies in the Middle East, his administration was considering returning the group to the State Department’s list of designated terrorist organizations. We believe he should, and the case is clear.

The Houthis are on the march. On Monday, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates again were attacked by the Iranian-backed rebels. The UAE’s response was immediate. In the early morning hours, an Emirati F-16 jet destroyed a launcher in Al Jawf, Yemen, that had launched two ballistic missiles at Abu Dhabi. Thankfully, those missiles were intercepted mid-air, preventing any casualties. LINK TO ARTICLE