Defense One : Il faudra des années avant que Raytheon puisse construire de nouveaux missiles Stinger

U.S. Army Pvts. Austin Miller and Ronald Taylor use a Stinger missile to target a simulated unfriendly aircraft during training May 23, 2017, at Fort Sill's Camp Eagle. U.S. ARMY / JEFF CRAWLEY

Les États-Unis ont envoyé leurs Stingers aux forces ukrainiennes combattant la Russie.

It will be years before Raytheon Technologies can build new Stinger shoulder-fired missiles due to a dwindling supply of weapons parts, the company’s CEO said Tuesday.

The U.S. has shipped Stingers to Ukraine’s military, which has used them to shoot down Russian aircraft. But there’s only a finite supply as Raytheon has not made Stinger missiles for the U.S. military in nearly two decades. LINK TO ARTICLE