Asharq Al Awsat : La Russie menace les Kurdes de Syrie avec une nouvelle incursion turque

A Syrian opposition fighter in Aleppo's northern countryside, April 5, 2022. (EPA)

Le médiateur russe en Syrie a averti les forces kurdes que la Turquie procéderait à une incursion si elles rejetaient les conditions de Moscou pour mettre fin aux tensions entre Qamishli et Damas.

Informed sources told the German news agency (dpa) that the mediator informed the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that Turkey-backed Syrian opposition factions would invade the towns of al-Darbasiyah and Amoud to reach Qamishli if the SDF doesn’t pull out of the government security zone.

The SDF was also demanded to end the siege of the security zones in Qamishli and Hasakeh.

The SDF did withdraw from the government buildings without incident.

Meanwhile, residents of the town of Tal Tamer, in Hasakeh’s northern countryside, said Turkish artillery had shelled for a second consecutive day villages in northeastern Syria. LINK TO ARTICLE