AnchorFinance fait passer la finance au niveau supérieur : la cryptographie pour tous

L’adoption de la crypto dans le courant dominant devient cruciale alors que le Web3.0 préside à notre vie quotidienne. Bernhard Lamp et Arkadiusz Balcerek, fondateurs d’AnchorFinance, se sont donné pour devise de démocratiser la Crypto, la rendant accessible à tous.

Bernhard Lamp and Arkadiusz Balcerek met in February 2021. Derived from two worlds – Crypto and traditional Finance, they complement each other. Bernhard, a young Austrian crypto geek, and Arkadiusz, a professional business angel investor with corporate expertise. Together, they created, a one-stop platform taking Finance to the next level: Crypto for Everyone., backed by Chîffre IT Solution, provides software development for all financial services, excluding insurance and pension funds. is acquiring the ADGM license in Abu Dhabi with offices in North Macedonia (software development) and Dubai (sales office and VIP services).