AL MONITOR : Le dernier Chrétien d’Idlib rappelle sa communauté par Mouneb Taim

Children stand outside the abandoned Armenian Apostolic Church of Saint Anna, which was converted to house a family of Syrians displaced by conflict, in the town of al-Yaqubiyah in the western countryside of Syria's rebel-held northwestern Idlib province on Dec. 27, 2021. - AAREF WATAD/AFP via Getty Images Read more:

Le dernier chrétien d’Idlib a 90 ans. Malgré la guerre et les défis, il est resté à Idlib alors même que tous les chrétiens sont partis à cause de la guerre et des restrictions imposées par les factions islamiques extrémistes.

Michel Boutros is a 90-year-old Christian in Syria’s Idlib who has turned into an icon of steadfastness despite the bloodshed of the war that has been plaguing his country for 10 years now.

Boutros is the only Christian who insisted on staying in the city of Idlib in northern Syria. In an interview with Al-Monitor, Boutros said he was born in 1931 and can barely read the Bible. The walls of his house are decorated with crosses and Christian religious images in a city devoid of Christians. LINK TO ARTICLE