Al Jazeera : Israel will ask US for $1bn to ‘replenish’ Iron Dome

Israel's Iron Dome air defence system intercepted hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza during the 11-day war that ended on May 21 [File: Ariel Schalit/AP]

Israel will ask US for $1bn to ‘replenish’ Iron Dome

Benny Gantz will meet US officials in Washington on Thursday, weeks after the 11-day escalation with Gaza.

Graham said he expects the US will quickly authorise the request in the wake of an 11-day escalation between Israel and Hamas, in which Israeli officials said the Iron Dome intercepted hundreds of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

“There will be a $1bn request coming to the Pentagon this week from the [Israeli] defence minister to replenish the Iron Dome and a few other things, to upgrade the system,” Graham told reporters during a visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday. (Read Vidéo)

Israeli air strikes killed 253 Palestinians during the 11 days of fighting, including 66 children.

Two children were among 12 people killed in Israel by rockets fired by Hamas and other armed groups from Gaza during the same period.

‘Wide and deep support’

The request comes amid growing criticism of American arms sales to Israel, as well as the $3.8bn in mostly unconditioned aid the US gives to Israel every year.

Progressive legislators in both the US House of Representatives and the Senate are currently attempting to block a $735m arms deal with Israel, which the White House approved shortly before the fighting began on May 10.

Nevertheless, support for Israel remains strong among the majority of US legislators, and efforts to curtail it are all but assured to fail.

Speaking on Tuesday, Graham noted support extends across party lines. READ MORE