Thenationalnews : Dubai Catholic church allowed to hold large Mass for first time since pandemic began by Ramola Talwar Badam

St Francis of Assisi Church in Jebel Ali can now allow 180 parishioners to attend each service

A Dubai church has been granted permission to open Mass to a larger gathering for the first time during the pandemic.

The St Francis of Assisi Church in Jebel Ali has opened online registrations that allow 180 parishioners for each service.

The church has been open since February for a limited number of 40 worshippers for a half-hour service only on Friday due to Covid-19 safety regulations.

The church began its first hour-long service for 180 worshippers on Monday and is readying to welcome parishioners to three services this weekend.

“For very long, people have been accessing our services online and it makes us very happy to open for more people,” Fr Jozef Timmers, priest administrator, told The National.

“It has been a hardship for people who have not been able to gather for Mass every week. It is good to be able to come together safely again.”

People must register on the church website and need to show notification for entry along with their emirates identity card or passport.

Two Masses will be held on Monday and Wednesday, one on Thursday and three services from Friday to Sunday. READ MORE